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Deidre’s journey toward a massage therapy career began in 2001 when she worked as a Therapy Aide at a hand and shoulder/physical therapy outpatient clinic. Her love for knowledge of the human body, giving comfort to people and helping them alleviate pain became her goal. Deidre received her certification in Therapeutic Massage from the Florida College of Natural Health – Maitland, FL in 2011. She obtained the state license to practice that same year, and was employed by spas and Chiropractic clinics around the Orlando and Indianapolis areas; until she came back to her hometown. Since then Deidre spent time in a local Chiropractics’ office, as well as an out patient physical therapy clinic. She opened her private practice in 2016. Deidre has achieved recognition for studies in Cranial Sacral and Neuromuscular therapies. New clients are welcome, and anyone is encouraged to call to schedule an appointment, or to request further information.
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